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A random blog of sorts, cataloging songs that catch my eye and the general opinion of everyone. It'll hopefully work in a frequent post of a new song each time. All the song's will hopefully be likeable, but however I'm sure there will be a few hiccups of bad, bad songs.
Anyways my name is Oliver and this is my attempt at a blog. If you read any articles then thank you very much. Hope you enjoy, and find some songs that you like.
~ Monday, January 23 ~

Jack Peñate - No One Lied

To anybody that knows me, you will know just how happy today’s new has made me! Following a week or so of university problem solving, confusing people and highly intolerant people, safe to say I could do with something good happening. So like the royal wedding, this song has burst in to bring happiness into my life. Ok it’s a bit of a slow song and not as joyously upbeat as the Kate and Wills bash but my word has it brought a smile to my face. Today’s song is ‘No One Lied’ by Jack Peñate.

Released today quietly via his YouTube account, ‘No One Lied’ is a sombre piece with just Jack and his acoustic guitar. It seems that he is taking a step towards the direction of his hero Nick Drake. ‘No One Lied’ is a certain sign that his songwriting has matured somewhat since the days of ‘Torn on the Platform’. This first piece of music from Peñate since 2009’s ‘Everything is New’, shows us that he is still developing as an artist and that the next album is set to be his most mature and greatest yet. It does get you thinking though, this video was shot days ago in Jack’s flat by director Dani Castro, which begs the question will the song be further developed? Enjoy!

~ Sunday, January 22 ~

Spector - What You Wanted

UK Indie is in a right old state. Seriously times are harsh, it’s like a desert out there with the occasional glimmer of hope. But in a climate where bands are likeable, friendly characters don’t you sometimes miss those characters? You know the ones! The ones you think well “he’s a dickhead but he is kind of cool and his music’s alright”. Well just when we thought that that particular brand of pretentiousness was copyrighted by one Kanye West, here comes Spector. 

Spector are a band in just about every sense of the word. I mean, just look at them. For once we have a new band that encompass everything we love to hate, so pretentious, it’s a thing of beauty. But today’s song ‘What You Wanted’ is a song that following just the one listen will be cemented into the deep, dark chasm of your old brain. Seriously when I first heard this, I did like it, but was mentally unprepared for the assault of the catchy chorus. Cue me sitting in a corner rocking back and forth mumbling ‘Right Now, What You Wanted’. Front-man Fred Macpherson oozes front-man, flinging himself all affected around the stage like a well suited Morrissey, whilst the whole band backing vocal instantly gets the singalong going. Lyrically the song is your typical bit of Indie banter about being rejected by a girl, but hey catchiness sells. Watch out for these guys this year, they’ll literally be everywhere. Enjoy!

~ Saturday, January 21 ~

The Maccabees - Feel To Follow

Following on from the tremendous comeback single ‘Pelican’, The Maccabees released this promo for album track ‘Feel To Follow’. Here was where band had began to truly stretch their legs on new album ‘Given To The Wild’, its an altogether more cinematic feeling from this song. With a slow building intro that sounds vaguely similar to the work of Bon Iver and developing into a huge anthem, that is sure to go down a storm live. Sorry this one is so short, I’m going out, back to the good stuff tomorrow! Enjoy!

~ Friday, January 20 ~

Eels - The Cheater’s Guide To Your Heart

Picture the scene if you will, having gone home for the holidays and been out on a night having one or two beverages of questionable alcohol content I find myself in the living room. Stumbling around momentarily. This for the time being was my room, the sofa my bed. So I’m flicking through the tv and stumble on a brilliant series ‘From The Basement’. That’s where todays song comes from. 

I’d completely forgotten about this song till having a conversation with someone about the very band; Eels. One of the best alternative bands of the 90s and currently still going. ‘The Cheater’s Guide To Your Heart’ is a simple yet beautiful song. Built around only a few chords this unreleased gem tells of love, missing someone and regret; ‘I love you and you love me, but we’re apart cos I read the cheater’s guide to your heart’. Utterly heartbreaking. That’s how you do it Birdy. Yet despite this, the song remains on the right side of loveloss, remaining positive “It may be long till you see me again so paint me as a good one my friend’. A simple song for the end of the week. Enjoy!

~ Thursday, January 19 ~

Troumaca - Fire

Ever since seeing these guys in Moles last year, I’ve been a touch obsessed with them. Hailing from Birmingham, Troumaca look set to set the UK dancing to their brilliant tropical dub infusion. Coming from a city whose last great export was ‘The Twang’ the five piece look set to become the act that can put Brummie music back on the map. 

'Fire' brings together a brilliant tropical guitar riffs with a drum beat not too dissimilar from the recent direction of Friendly Fires. Troumaca have with this slowly been making a name for themselves as one of the most intriguing Indie acts out there. Head over to their website now to get your mitts on their free EP, all for the price of your email! Enjoy!

~ Wednesday, January 18 ~

Theme Park - Milk

Mairead Nash is one of a kind. If you don’t know the name, look her up. She is one of the most brilliant things currently in the music scene. Nash is the woman that discovered Florence & The Machine and still remains the manager behind her incredible rise to fame. Not only this but she is the owner of one of the coolest record labels out there; Luv Luv Luv Records. Which funnily enough is where todays song comes from, funny that. 

Theme Park are being hailed as one of the great hopes for 2012 and with new single ‘Milk’ it’s easy to see why. It’s near impossible not to have a little dance to this song, with such a bouncy rhythm section, funk rock guitar line and sparkly synths, you can’t help but move. Well, you’ll at the very least move your feet a tiny bit. Either way it’s infectious pop which puts these bright young things in a very good position for the year ahead. Enjoy!

~ Tuesday, January 17 ~

Eugene McGuinness - Lion

Speaking of comebacks, just when the other day I was thinking whatever happened to the young lad Eugene McGuinness. I once upon a time fell in love with a rather nice song of his called 'Girl For Whom My Eyes Shine For', if you never heard look it up and imagine someone you like, rather sweet. But yes, this thought led me to scour the internet and in a odd turn of events, he recently dropped a comeback single. The single ‘Lion' was available all but for the lowly price of your email address. How thoughtful.

Lion' is nothing quite like the Eugene McGuinness of old. Describing the song as the 'biggest fuck off my soul could muster', the song deals with the often tricky subject of being manipulated. Here young McGuinness decides he's no longer going to put up with it. Having spent time recently as label mate's Miles Kane's guitarist the forward leap in sound comes as no surprise, sounding like Bowie backed by a brilliant surf-rock guitar line, Eugene McGuinness is taking one hell of a leap to the front of the pack. Hear the catchy single below in a brilliant video with some amazing dancers. Enjoy!

~ Monday, January 16 ~

Oh hey!

Right well, after being plagued for months with laptop troubles and other such worries, I finally decided to pull my finger out and get myself back to Likeable Songs. All thanks to the sound investment of this rather spiffy new netbook of mine. It’s so pretty I may just weep incredibly manly tears of joy. But then again, maybe I won’t, I get a touch pedantic over new things much like everyone else and want to keep it in a good condition for the first few days. That sentence was far too long.

But yes, Likeable Songs is back, after toying with the idea of bringing back my previous blog Cowardly Lion Music, I’ve decided to just stick to this one. Never flog a dead horse, or a cowardly lion in this case. But there will be some additions to the usual one song a day, yes it’s 2012 after all. So hopefully keep your eyes peeled for an album review and new artist each week. Not sure what day yet, but keep an eye out. 

Take care now. 


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~ Monday, September 19 ~

The Drums / Money

Oh dear, I’ve mentioned alot of bands who have experienced hype and have powered through. This band is one that hype surrounded due to overwhelming popularity of their summer anthem ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and well everyone still being obsessed with Morrissey and rightly so. The Drums however have disappointed here, there was such room for growth, but comeback single ‘Money’ keeps to the generic twee formula they carved back last year. This all being said, it’s not a bad song. It’s not. Honest. It takes the tempo from ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and combines it with the heartbreak of ‘Best Friend’, which is what I’m saying. This song could be on the previous record, it would slot in rather nicely.

I do feel slightly bad saying this about the band though, they nearly imploded after last summer with guitarist Adam Kessler leaving in less the amicable circumstances. But with a new member and judging by the video one that is equally chiselled with a far-away look and hairstyle, they seem to be bouncing back. Expect no surprises with this song, baby steps for a band just back on their feet. Enjoy!

~ Sunday, September 18 ~

The Horrors / Changing The Rain

With today’s band I’ve been waiting a long, long time to write about this song. It was the perfect opening to one of the best albums that has been produced in a year which all other aspects (bar music) has been mighty shite. The Horrors have always been a very intriguing band, ever since there leap forward between the first two albums, breaking down the idea of a “difficult second album” and simultaneously reinventing themselves. When you first put this album on there was an instant hesitation, hype surrounds this band, and after the success of ‘Skying’ it will continue to, but with a Mercury Nomination behind them the pressure is enormous. Luckily as soon as ‘Changing the Rain’ starts, none of that matters anymore.

It’s not the best song on the album by a milestone, but it comes close. I remember the first time I heard this track I was on the packed tube, trying to forget the day’s work that had just passed and suddenly there was this. It’s a song that literally, if you listen full volume it will take you anywhere. The opening for me, and I still don’t know why, made me thing of Egypt and just epic scenes. It was mystical stuff alright. But enough about my exhaustion hallucinations. The Horrors here have firmly places themselves at the forefront of British Indie music, they are without doubt the most important band out there at the moment. Faris Badwan’s voice soars above pounding rhythms and a heartbeat altering bassline “Oh, out here, don’t you ever know”. It’s an infectious song and one that will keep getting better with every listen. Enjoy!